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Network Technology

With servers located on a major internet backbone, the Imagine Hosting's network has multiple fiber optic gigabit connections and directly peers with major networks. we can guarantee your website will run optimally with multiple connections, battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, and 24 hour, 365 day monitoring. By far the most important feature on our network is the fact that we have two of every piece of equipment. Our Cisco routers, load balancers and firewalls are configured as redundant pairs. This means if one item was to fail its twin would automatically and seamlessly take over.

The diagram below shows how incoming data first enters our network via our multi-peered and BGP configured redundant routers. From there it is analyzed and filtered by our Cisco PIX firewalls before our load balancers direct web requests to the most responsive servers on the server farm for serving.

1. Multiple connections to the Internet.

2. Our routers tell the incoming & outgoing information where to go. In the event of bad external network congestion they can redirect the flow to another route.

3. Redundant firewalls protect the internal network by analyzing and filtering incoming requests & detecting possible attacks.

4. Our redundant load balancers ensure your data is distributed efficiently by rerouting the request to the next available web server in the cluster.

5. Our cluster of redundant web servers are evenly distributed with requests via the load balancers. Each server in the cluster is a multi-CPU system, with multi-GB memory and as the distributed load across the servers becomes higher we simply add more servers as needed.

6. These streamlined file servers pass the data from the disk arrays straight to the web servers for dispatch.

7. Finally, your data is stored on our fully redundant SCSI Raid 5 arrays, which are frequently backed up.

We take serving your website very seriously, and at Imagine Hosting the reliability and integrity of your website is a standard, not a Bonus.